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Redefing the

value proposal

Aligning the organization with the strategy


Our client, a dealer of one the most recognized brands in heavy machinery, had  poor financial results for the last 15 years.



Baeza & Asociados was hired to improve the company’s profitability. We evaluated the critical processes of the company, detecting the need for improvement in a number of them.


We designed plans to measure improve the effectiveness of post sales plans service intended to increase the share of wallet of the top customers.  We also redefined retromarketing actions for procurement and logistics to purchase wisely andand logistics,  we improving the performance by designedcreating a road map of information technology that will support the corporate strategy.  Tools such as CRM and SCM were introduced to improve the business intelligence.


For 9 months, Baeza & Asociados worked together with the new general managerCEO of the company, in the development and implementation of this project.  At the end, the company had reorganized with the help of this strategy.



Earning of the first year were 200% higher than the best of the last 5 years. The president of the company said  a

About our process: “today we have a business dynamic that we had lost”.  The chosen strategy has allowed them to enjoy several years of sustained and profitable growth.

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