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Our client, a local manufacturer of pharmaceutical products leader in the rubefacients segment in Costa Rica with Cofal brand, had decided to grow via exports.  Their first attempts to Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador had failed.



Baeza & Asociados was hired to help Cofal become a successful regional brand.  Our diagnosise was that Cofal was wrongly positioned in the ointment segment, where Vick Vaporub (P&G brand) was the absolute leader.  We decided to reposition Cofal as a rubefacient for muscle pain.   The two main reasons for this decision were: there were no strong brands in the segment and second, the market for muscle pain relievers is bigger than cold ointments. 

The brand was re-launched using publicity advertising and distribution channels like any other mass consumption productconsumer business.



Positive results occurred immediately.  The company decided to enter 7 new countries simultaneously and became segment leader in every market.  Annual sSales grew from $200 thousand to $4,5 million in 3 years with a gross margin of  72%.  Baeza & Asociados was part of the expansion process during the first two years, helping in the selection and negotiations with distributors and coaching the exports managerinternational sales officer.  Cofal brand was later sold to SmithKline Beecham.


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