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Our client, a local bank recently acquired by a regional financial group, had only a 2% market share and wanted to increase it aggressively.



Baeza & Asociados was hired to identify avenues of organic growth.  We measured the bank’s competitive position in the local market and confirmed the low penetration of its products among their clients portfolio.  The main obstacle, related to increasing the share of wallet in each segment, was that the departments were very product oriented which created a strong division between business units.


We discovered found it was possible to grow by cross selling in their current portfolio clients and by designing vertical solutions in new market segments.  Due to the complexity of reorganizing a bank from products to segments, Baeza & Asociados directed led pilot plans in several branches both in the metropolitan area and the rural area. 



The positive results obtained in the pilot programs motivated the CEO of the bank to decide to implement a general restructuring of the bank.  This reorganization increased customer satisfaction and increased product penetration within each customer and overall helped the growth of the bank.


Market - driven 


Redefing the

value proposal

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